3.5 Pound Connector for Glock

Install the 3.5 pound connector! It’s that simple. This part replaces the factory part and provides a lighter trigger pull. This will increase the accuracy of most shooters by reducing the amount of muzzle movement when pulling the trigger. One size fits all Glock’s, (including the new models 37, 38, and 39) easy to install…just drop it in. Get the video “Complete Glock” to learn how to install this part!

Polymer Mag Well
for Glocks
This innovative magwell helps you with magazine changes but does one other important thing, it helps put your hand in the right shooting grip each and every time you pick up the pistol. We've taken the time to develop a magwell that is just the right size and accepts all of the magazine extensions on the market. Other magwells on the market are too small, too big or they only accept certain mag extensions. We took the input from our shooters and our customers and designed a magwell that fits most shooters' needs.We have two types available, one is made from aircraft grade aluminum and measures .60 inches in height. Guaranteed to improve your grip and, hence, your shooting!
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